MATS Versions, Upgrades & Revisions

Liquor laws are constantly changing. We monitor these changes and modify MATS materials as needed to keep MATS licensees up-to-date.

When there are enough changes to liquor laws in your state we produce an entirely new version of MATS called an "Upgrade"Upgrades are available to MATS licensees at nominal cost for a few months after being released. After that MATS licensees can still buy upgrades for only $99.95 for up to one year.

One year after a new version (upgrade) is released the new version of MATS must be purchased as a new license at the current price.

Often changes to liquor laws don't justify an entirely new version of MATS, so when a few smaller changes are needed we make revisions to MATS materials. 

When we revise our materials we notify MATS licensees in the MATS Newsletter so they are aware of the changes.

You’ll find a version number and revision date on all MATS materials. The version and revision information looks like this:  “Version 2Rev. 01/18”. This indicates Version 1 was last revised in January of 2018.

Click on the ”
Current Version for (your state)” icon in your state’s page in this website to see the current version and revision for your state.